For decades we’ve worked with museums and their design partners to create some of the most stunning, immersive, interactive exhibits and spaces anywhere. While each museum project offers its own unique set of challenges, we’ve developed a process that ensures your vision comes to life in exactly the way you imagine.


Something as seemingly insignificant as a narrow doorway, a small freight elevator, or even old wiring can cause massive issues with your installation. We map your space and account for every last detail before we even start sketching.  Our experience allows us to find solutions for everything from historical architecture that needs protecting to installation delays, maintenance problems, and durability issues. Go ahead and call us preplanning geeks. We take pride in it.



We speak the language of museum design. So whether we’re doing the design for you or working with your design partner, we know what questions to ask and what “t”s to cross and “i”s to dot. We’re also hyper-focused on safety and quality and experts at navigating material selection, helping with any ADA, durability, or childproofing requirements. We believe it’s never too early to get it absolutely right.


At museum scale, engineering seriously matters. Our engineering mindset helps with the ins and outs installations like yours require. And because fabrication is performed entirely in-house, we can see your design vision completely through by coordinating across departments. Our detailing department will have virtually modeled every part and piece in 3D and can oversee the project as it’s being constructed.



Do you really want to guess if your installation will work, be durable, and be safe? Of course not. You want to know. We rigorously test everything to ensure that interactive features are intuitive and work properly. Physical interactives are checked for ease-of-use, durability, and safety. Digital exhibits are debugged and tested until we know they work flawlessly as well. And as an added bonus, you get to see and approve all working prototypes before we move to fabrication.


Let’s cut to the chase: we can make anything and we can make it scientifically accurate. We employ master carpenters who use both high-tech and low-tech tools to craft any kind of structure. Our in-house finishing and painting capabilities are top notch. Need electrical work and specialized lighting? Check. Graphics and photography? Yup. And last but definitely not least, our amazing and dedicated scenic department is ready to work with your botanists, geologists, or other scientific experts to perfectly re-create landforms, flora, fauna, and more.



Yes, we’ll come set everything up. But that’s the least of our services. We make sure that every item is installed so that it will be safe, durable, and meet the expectations of the design to the demanding specifications museums have. We have systems in place to provide correct documentation, manuals, and training for a successful start-up. And we always ensure respect for the building, the schedule, and our clients’ time. We even keep all 3D design files so you can easily replicate a part or expand or update your exhibit.

Have we sufficiently convinced you that we’re the people for your job? If yes, then contact us so we can get started. If no, then contact us so we can come present more capabilities in person.