Boy Scouts of America

Our Challenge:

Trustworthy. Loyal. Brave. Friendly. Courteous. Kind. These are some of the values that the Boy Scouts of America follow– but so does Group Delphi. When the Trinity Works Boy Scouts of America approached Delphi to build an installation for them at the Scott Visitor Center, we knew we had to fabricate an authentic exhibit that represented the principles of all Boy Scouts. But how we were going to be able to showcase almost 100 years of prominent values-based youth development?

How We Solved It:

The Boy Scouts of America were looking for something unique – something that showcases their values as well as their zeal for exploration. In Group Delphi spirit, we went above and beyond with our insanely great service. Case in point: a Group Delphi employee and former Boy Scout, Matt Ireland, showed his passion for the Boy Scouts of America following the old motto, “Once a Scout, Always a Scout.” As the on-site project manager known for exceptional personalized customer service, Matt offered to donate his original childhood Eagle Scout uniform – complete with shorts, belt, neckerchief, slide, hat and patches – proving that he is a true example of our commitment to being makers of wonder, awe and connection.  The well-maintained uniform was proudly displayed among countless other priceless artifacts (including an incredible topography map!) in an exhibit produced, in part, by Matt for Group Delphi and the Boy Scouts of America.