Lincoln Motorcar Museum


The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Foundation had a new, empty, beautiful building and a compelling story to tell; the challenge was to distill 100 years of history and present it in a meaningful way. The Lincoln automobile has a long and distinguished history. So when they wanted to tell their story from beginning to end in the most engaging way possible, they turned to Group Delphi. Our challenge was to collaborate with a huge group of stakeholders and hone down an even bigger historical collection of artifacts and cars. And whatever we devised had to be both cost effective and fit in the space available.


Our first task was an IMP – Interpretive Master Plan. The challenge was to create a unified approach to telling the story—a story which can be told from numerous and disparate points of view. This bold vision for the museum was then presented to everyone from collectors to Lincoln executives. Next we incorporated tributes to Jack Passey, the biggest Lincoln collector in the country, as well as Henry Leland, the founder of Lincoln and Edsel Ford who saved and transformed the company. (Trivia: The car company was named so, because Leland actually voted for Abraham Lincoln!) Finally, we achieved consensus with all parties involved and finished building this tribute to this iconic American car brand.


We designed the exhibits to be modular so the museum could grow and change with the times. Graphic panels can be easily substituted with digital components or artifact cases as the museum evolves without disrupting the flow of the exhibits or necessitating costly structural changes. The homage to Jack Passey is a digital interactive kiosk that allows the visitor to choose an element of Jack’s fascinating story and view a video of him discussing that topic interspersed with historic photographs. Additional digital components tell the story of Ford Motor Company general counsel I.A. (Cappy) Capizzi and the purchase of the Lincoln Motor Company by Ford.

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