Pacific Science Center


It’s a little nerve-wracking when you outsource design and fabrication for the first time. Add to that a compressed schedule and an intricate design by Gyroscope, Inc., and the Pacific Science Center’s first permanent exhibit in 10 years was bound to have more than a few people crossing their fingers in hopes of a good outcome. Enter Delphi.


We created Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness to immerse museumgoers in cool science with hands-on inventions, gadgets, and activities about health and wellness. “Students” of the Wellbody Academy can climb musical stairs, see their future selves with aging software, and get “sneezed on” by water misters while learning about germs. The exhibit features physical interactives such as the Whirligigerator, which, while hard to say, is easy for children to use. It proportionally transmits the user’s physical movements to a dancing, flipping, and spinning humanoid automation.


We had just 11 months to design, develop, engineer, build, and install the entire exhibit, but Delphi’s museum design experience and full in-house fabrication, as well as smooth collaboration with Gyroscope and the museum team, kept the project running quickly. The installation wrapped in time for an early soft opening and warm reception from the public.

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