Perot Museum


It’s never easy to jump in on a fast-track redesign of five major halls in a museum project. But once the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and its design partner, Amaze Design, locked in their new direction, they knew exactly who they wanted to do it – Delphi.

We needed to act quickly, but we also knew we couldn’t sacrifice the “wow” factor these complex science environments required. Our experienced, talented team was more than up to the challenge for fabrication, media production, and AV integration despite the time crunch.


In the Expanding Universe Hall, Delphi needed to show the expansiveness of the universe – such a simple job, right? Our uber-creative in-house team stitched together a composite space image using 32 giant screens; then, for an extra level of difficulty, they added complex AV systems with digital content and detailed exhibit construction.


To engage and educate audiences on a completely different topic – how birds fly – Delphi pushed the technology even further. Fly Like a Bird is an interactive motion-sensing technology that responds directly to the user, taking them through the process of a bird’s flight. Despite the aggressive schedule, Delphi sent a working a prototype of Fly Like a Bird in time for the museum’s important annual fundraising gala. The technology created serious buzz (and donations) from benefactors, and all halls were opened on time to an enthusiastic public.

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