Placerita Canyon State Park


The Placerita Canyon State Park visitor center was outdated and in need of a facelift to highlight the canyon’s natural features, wildlife, and fauna. Our challenge was to create a modern, immersive environment that was highly realistic but avoided the complications of live animal habitats or active water features that needed to be maintained.


First, we began by setting the scene, with ambient sounds (bird calls, babbling water for streams) coupled with highly realistic dioramas. Then we created 24 specimens— everything from small mammals and birds to insects and reptiles. Our incredible in-house scenics department exercised a level of craftsmanship that simply amazed everyone  and gave the visitor center a polish and realism that was astounding.

Since we have all kinds of experts, like our scenics department, in-house, we can do just about anything you need. Contact us and we’ll show you.