Reunion Tower


Reunion Tower, in Dallas, TX, was on track to reopen its landmark observation deck for the first time in six years. With cutting-edge multi-touch interactive displays, video, sound, and lighting, it would showcase a technological “wow factor” unlike any other. A fabrication partner was needed who could coordinate this complex technology and get it to work as envisioned. Who could they call with the experience necessary to solve these issues in time for the public opening? You know who.


First thing first: the construction of the observation deck’s architectural and experiential centerpiece – two reader rails designed to appear as if they are floating. Delphi’s ingenious solution was to fabricate the rails as thin as possible and support them with glass legs. But there was more than simple physical construction needed here. The rail’s media, designed by Stimulant, needed to sense a patron approaching and automatically change the display. Through Delphi’s creative use of motion-sensing cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the 30 multi-touch screens would fluidly play different media as patrons arrived.


Delphi took an innovative approach to address issues with the coordination of the Big Sky Lounge’s 17 video monitors with the room’s lights. Rather than make the videos and lights co-dependent with pre-programmed controls, we developed custom software and controls so that the light hues automatically match the video playing. Just like that, expensive change orders and control systems were avoided while achieving the design’s intent: synchronized videos and lights that replicate sunny, stormy, and rainy skies on demand.

We love these never-before-done technical challenges and believe the technology should never get in the way of your design. If you have a project with challenging technical aspects, contact us. We’d love to talk.